OK, it’s been a long time since I’ve played either Poptropica or Club Penguin. Lately, the game that has been on my mind (and on my iPhone!) is Clash Royale, from Supercell. This game is awesome.


Supercell are the guys that made Clash of Clans and the characters and troops from the game are mostly the same troops you’re probably already familiar with from CoC. Barbarians are still my favorite!

Here are some tips and tricks with some of the best troops in the game. Many kudos to the people who put together the Clash Royale Cheats page at CheatsPulse, where I learned lots of tips for the game.


clashRoyalePrince.pngNo, not the dead rock star. This is the horseback riding uber troop from Clash Royale. Do not drop anything squishy directly! Could be a option that is great defensively to handle troops like the hog subsequently shove difficult. Poor against groups of troops that are little like skeletons.

Rage Spell

This appears to be best used within a slow drive (hut decks, PEKKA or golem beginning from your rear, elixir collector upwards). If your opponent plays with this they are probably going all in with their elixir.


Similar to skeletons in gameplay. High damage, low well-being, low cost.

Affordable, ranged, and they hit on atmosphere. Great if you are fighting against atmosphere and great if you are attempting to keep down your elixir price. Adequate to send in behind any troops that are tanky.

Spawns is good for setting up to shove and spear goblins. Because it’s very difficult to shove into this can work defensively. Countered by shoving on the opposite lane – additionally exposed to charms hitting at the hut tower.


This spell shoots lightning from the sky. It’s ideal against buildings, but also great against 3 musketeers, assembling established decks, the baby dragon, musketeer, magician. It’s a fantastic spell to play in the later stages of the battle.