Lately I’ve been blown away by the raw beauty and mind-boggling complexity of many of the Minecraft maps that I have come across. The amount of time that some people put into creating these miniature works of art is staggering at times.

There are all kinds of map categories that people create. Some of the most popular are Parkour maps, which are challenging obstacles courses that often require a lot of trial and error to complete. But my favorite are the vast fantasy and adventure maps, where the thrill is simply walking around and taking in all the impressive scenery.

Want to know where to find the best maps to play? PC Gamer has a list of the Top 40 maps of all time, and there are plenty more selections of the best Minecraft maps to play in many different categories.


This modern city map’s detail is incredible. My only complaint? Where are all the cars. Just kidding! That would have been an excruciating level of detail to produce.


Minecraft castle maps are very popular and this one is no exception. I can’t wait to explore inside.


A beautiful desert port city, complete with walls, a castle/keep and even ships ready to sail. Think of all the stories behind this amazing city!